Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer:  Hummingbird Music Publishers, LLC reserves the right to change prices, descriptions, modify or discontinue products without notice.

  1. Can I split my order to ship to two different locations? If you need to send your order to two different locations, please email us at  so that we can accommodate your needs.  You will be charged two shipping charges since it is going to different locations.
  2. What happens if not all of my order is available at the time purchase? If for some reason, we cannot fulfill your entire order within 24 hrs., we will let you know so that you can decide whether you want your order split into multiple shipments. You will only be charged one shipping fee however.

  3. Can I return the music? At this time we are not accepting returns unless the product contains missing or misprinted parts. All sales are final.

  4. What happens if my shipment is damaged? Please email us at so that we can arrange for the damaged music to be returned to us. We will send a replacement at no charge.

  5. Can I purchase with a check? You may purchase with a check made out to Hummingbird Music Publishers by mailing check with a letter indicating what you would like to purchase. 

    Hummingbird Music Publishers
    1321 Ponderosa Drive
    Barboursville, Virginia  22923

    Once funds are received, product(s) will be shipped.  Please provide name, contact information, and mailing address.

  6. Do I need a performance license? Yes, you need a performance license.  However, all music sold through Hummingbird Music Publishers includes a performance license to the original purchaser at no extra cost. Contact us and we will supply a license in writing. Specify the performance date(s) requested.